andrew hollenbach

Howdy! I'm a software engineer, manager, and human. I love making a big impact, learning a ton, and growing others. I believe diverse and inclusive teams build the best products.

Some things I have done (often with the help of other very talented people!):

  • Seen beautiful sunrises
  • Helped folks get beautiful kitchens @ FORM
  • Ran a marathon
  • Built platforms to empower people to make good financial decisions @ NerdWallet
  • Studied quadrotors in their natural habitat @ RIT
  • Learned to bake delicious treats
  • Built a gesture-based musical instrument in 3D space
  • Made some amazing music and visuals that respond in real time to how a musician was playing

Want to work with me? I am highly interested in a technical leadership role at very early companies and meeting folks looking for cofounders.

Want to chat? I would love to grab coffee (NYC area) or hop on a call.